Tuesday, July 28, 2015

term 3 week 1 blog post

On the holiday I went to Palmerston North to spend time with my family. Saturday afternoon my aunt and cousin come down to see as.When they were all settled in my aunty took me and my cousin to the ledo. To get in it was $30 including the outside slides .Oh that’s right their name my cousin's name is Sara and my aunt's name is Rachel.   

First we went for a swim in the warm pool after half an hour swim  in the warm pool  

Sara and I went to the diving board’s. It was so much fun that we just kept on jumping off the second  diving board.The first diving board was so high that  The pool was that deep the kids would get really hurt if they jumped off .The pool was really deep that the adults wouldn't get hurt. Because if you jumped off it you would get  really  really hurt when you jumped off the first diving board and you are a kid .Then me and Sara went on the big yellow hydro slide.When we went down it my togs  got stuck up my butt. It was so exciting to go down it because when you go down you end up in a big pool of water.After the big hydro slide me and Sara  went to the big green whirly slide.It is so intense that you go round up on the side of the wall.then you get stuck but if you pick up a bit of speed yool go through the hole  and you end up in a big pool of water.Me and sara go for a swim in the warm pool  to end a lovely day at the pool it was 3 hours at the pool. After that we went home and had tea.

that is my holiday story the end.

see you next time.


  1. Well done Mya! I can see you had a real fun holidays. Lucky :P

  2. It look like fun. I wish I was there with you. HAVE FUN

  3. well done Mya! hope u had so much fun, I wish I was there and I can picture u having so, so, so much fun.

  4. that looks like lots of fun good job.

  5. that is huge do you like it.

  6. That looks really fun Mya i wish i could go there. Great sentence writing to.