Friday, March 11, 2016

Blog post 2 week 6

My camp reflection.

This is my camp reflection.

My favourite one would be 7 I loved that night it was so much fun.

Choose at least 4 questions to answer.

What was your favourite part of camp and why?
My favourite part about camp is going in the river because it was also really scary in some parts because it was really deep and I thought that i would slip through the tub and drown but lukly rob was there he helped me when i went out.

Did you meet the goal you had set? Explain no my goal was to not be so bossy and not be mean and try and be friends instead of enemies.

What was your biggest challenge on camp and why?
getting along with others because I am an only child and I grow up around adults all my life and I still am a lonely child and all of my cousins have brother or sister  so it is hard for me to get along with others

Rate camp out of 10 and explain your rating. I would go for a four because I tried to do some of the activities but most of them were hard with sprained foot .

What did you think of the meals? Explain
I really liked the meals that you cooked my favourite meal would be burgers because it was so yum.

Which night did you enjoy the most and why?
camp weka because I love staying up late and talking with my friends it so much fun the girls that were in the room with me where Eva, Skyla, Bella-Marie, Jodie, Caitlin, Keighan and Khushi. They were all so much fun.

Describe your wire bridge experience
The experience for me would be I felt really really scared. I thought that it would break underneath me