Friday, November 18, 2016

week 4 term 4 wednesday 16th november 2016

This is
My writing task 

I am doing this blog because even though it is overdue and I went through some trouble to get to it I got it done

The Mystery of Life

Once upon a time there was a kid called Ruffy and he had the ability to turn himself into animals, and furniture. One day Ruffy was going for a walk in the forest and he tripped up and hit his head on a big tree roots. He woke up to see two teenage girls standing above him. They said “hi” and they told him their names. “Hi. I am Destiny” and Destiny said it with joy. Then someone whispered, “Destiny” . Ruffy turned around and saw a girl with a hood on . He said, “can you take off your hood please?” She slowly took her hood off and there are crystals all over her face . She says, “When I get nervous, crystals cover me in defence of attack and yes I do have crystal power and I am able to see into the future. “  Suddenly a storm of dirt surrounds the group . It’s Drift, Ruffy’s old friend from primary school. “He has the power of speed” says Ruffy . They all get up and start walking together .   After a while they  had to camp out under the stars .It was actually really nice but it started to rain and someone said, “We should make a plan of what we can do to keep safe. “ So while they are making plans for what to do, Crystal builds a house. “Hey look, I built a house out of sapphires.” Every one stays in the house till the rain clears up. When Ruffy opens the front door , He sees something he didn't notice before. They started walking that way. They stopped at a door.? Drift ran around and looked behind the door. Suddenly vines started to cover the door  they were starting to get worried. They go through
the door. They walk to a lake and suddenly bubbles the size of a house start popping up on the water top. In one of the bubbles there is a gigantic demon  wolf and in the bubble next to it there is a guy with fire flaming up on him. He is the evil henchman  
Ruffy whispers, “that’s the evil henchman. You can tell by the writing on his arm.” “how do you know” says  Tunga. “Aaahhh rrr “ says Destiny  “who are you?” “I’m that evil henchman's twin brother and that big wolf, he used to be my pet and he his very friendly. Ohh yea that’s right my name is Tunga. Who are you lot? “ I’m Ruffy this is Destany, Crystal and Drift. Where did you come from?” “ I live here. Where do you live?” . Ruffy explains where they live and their special powers. “I can morph into animals and furniture. Destany can see into the future. Drift has super speed. Crystal has crystal powers.” While they are talking no one notices Fangmeier the evil henchman was stealing their powers. But as he closes in on destany, Tunga suddenly realises what his twin is up to. “Stop Fangmeier“ The group turns around and jump infront of destiny. Fangmeier calls his wolf and together they ride off. In his haste Fangmeier drops his power scanner, Losing the stolen powers. Ruffy check’s that everyone is okay. Except Tunga who picks up his brothers power device and accidentally turns it on. A code appears. What does this mean? Is Tunga now the holder of evil?