Sunday, October 23, 2016

Holiday Blog post week 1 term 3

The B.F.G
This holiday I went to the B.F.G  In the movie theaters with my grandma her name is mandy.Now I am going to tell you about the B.F.G Movie.


  • giants are all boys
  • they don't have parents 
  • they live only with each other 


The B.F.G is also called the big friendly giant he is a giant as it seas in the name I will tell you a little bit about him so for for his job he cares dreams and gives them to people.


sofie is a girl that lives in an orphanage in a village as a young girl her parents died so as the years went past she got more used to it but one night ...

Queen elizabeth

of course the queen would live in a fancy mantion and have wonderful dreams but one night she had a terrible dream it was almost like it was real and guess what happened that morning 



is a very  bad giant he gos out in the night and eats little children with friends they are also giants I will be telling you more about them latter flesh eater has his own country or village his is ...


bone cruncher loves his bonse that how he got the name now when bone cruncher has also got a very special town that he gos to it is...

The Manhugger
the manhugger is the one who hugs them till they pop then eats them all up and no one knows that him and his friend is eating...

The Childchewer

childchewer is a giant that loves chewing children he thinks that because it is chewy it will give them a different flavour and evary time he has a drink he washes out all of the blood that is still in his mouth.

 The Meatdripper

he gets the name because every time and I mean every time he talks there's meat dripping out of his mouth from last nights dinner

The Gizzardgulper 

the gizzardgulper is a giant that eats at least 5 kids at once and when he ate them he came up with a big burp and do you no what he did next...

The Mindmasher

the mindmasher is a giant that tacks children's brains and squashes them till they are like porridge and eats them till they are all gone.

The Bloodbottler

the bloodbottler is a giant that bottles up blood from out kids and stores them away for winter then when the bottles are cool and cold he drinks the blood till the last drop.

The Butcher Boy.

the butcher boy is a giant that cuts up little children so that they were bite size and eats them till they are all down in his stomach and after they are all gone do you know what he does next...


  1. wow mya that movie is a funny and great blog post

  2. I quite like the pictures because I loved the movie the BFG!

  3. I love the B.F.G movie too. I really enjoyed reading your blog post because it had heaps of detail and it really reminded me of the movie when I watched it and it for the people that have not watched it I think it will feel like they have watched the movie. Good Job Mya !

  4. I have got 2 stars and a wish, so these are the stars. Star: I like how you described the different people and what they do.
    Star: I also like how you put the keys in at the top
    Wish: Maybe next time you could put in full stops and CAPITAL letter

  5. Good job Mya you explained the movie really well and it is a really good movie.

  6. Hi Mya Hunter here if seen that movie its cool. In that movie the giants were like two times the size of the B.F.G there tall. I can't believe they had to dig that whole it was deep as Mya.

  7. I liked how you added so much effort in your B.F.G work.well done!!!

  8. I liked how you added so much effort in your B.F.G work.well done!!!